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Cables and Connectors

Cables can make or break the sound of your hi-fi speakers. Using a set of high end cables in your system, you can obtain the optimum sound output. Choose from a wide range of high-fidelity cables and connectors by leading manufacturers at TSF.

Home Automation

Turn your home into a smart-home and take control of the atmosphere at the touch of a button. Our Home Automation systems provide security, entertainment while managing your power consumption. These can be installed in new or existing structures and controlled via your smartphone or tablet.

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home cinema room design

Home Cinema

Immerse yourself in Home Cinema, get the theatre experience at home!
Our systems start with standard 5.1 surround sound and increase to multi-channel Dolby Atmos systems, 4K video projection.
We offer and recommend the right cinema seating, themed rooms and interior design to give you a turnkey solution.
Making us the most recommended by the leading architects, interior designers and builders.

Multi-room audio

A perfect way to stream your favorite music, podcasts and even the latest news reports directly from a smartphone, tablet, or multi-room receiver to any room of your house. With Multi-Room speakers, you can stream your audio to all/any of your connected speakers, allowing you to play audio from your favourite online sources like Pandora and Spotify.

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Interior Design

We blend the best of interior design and sophisticated home electronics to create a beautiful, fully interactive smart home, with the most creative implementation of technology. With our expertise, the right system in place and the right cabling, anything is possible for the innovative smart home. With an increase in demand for smart home technology, we are continually approached by interior designers and builders to install and program cutting-edge systems sure to thrill homeowners.

Hi-Fi Audio

Hear sounds like how they were meant to be heard. Feel every detail with the utmost precision. The goal of a High Fidelity installation, in addition to offering daily music listening pleasure, is to get nearer to the source sound quality and remain faithful to the instruments, channels, choices of recordings and mixes.

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Mirror TV

Mirror TV’s

An elegant piece of functional art that’s a mirror when turned off and a TV when on. Mirror TV’s save space and can be integrated into interior designs, including Smart Homes and Home automation integration. This makes Mirror TV’s the ultimate fusion of formal elegance and modern living.

Commercial Audio Video

Create an event that resonates with your audience by using the best combination of sound and video rental equipment on the market. At TSF we understand how to plan, deliver, setup and support the A/V technology you need for your next event.

Commercial Audio Video