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The Sound Factor is the brainchild of Milind Mehta and Marzban Irani, two uncompromising audiophiles who’re driven by a passion for music, gadgets and technology. The duo conceived TSF to share this love with the people.

Here at The Sound Factor we’re all dedicated to all things audio and video. We live and breathe it.
Our mission is to create persuasive, effective soundscapes for the ultimate AV experience!

Team TSF

Milind Mehta, Co-Founder
Milind, co-founder of The Sound Factor is a true sound and music enthusiast and also a hardcore professional in the field of sound integration. His expertise in sound solutions spans over 20 years. Despite his young age he has set up various operations for professional sound in the entertainment and media business. Milind’s idea of innovation is the reason The Sound Factor is growing in leaps and bounds. He heads the business development and Marketing at TSF.
He is an avid leader and has captured the interests of all sound enthusiasts in Pune. His qualification is in Business & Commerce and he also has a vast knowledge of the AVM industry. He builds strategic business relations with all premium technology partners, systems integrators, and service providers, thus making these international products easily available to our customers first hand.
Marzban Irani, Co-Founder

Marzban, co-founder of The Sound Factor is a talented genius. His passion for sound engineering is totally consuming and is self-evident because every single customer has had a delightful experience.
He is a qualified Masters in Sound and Light engineering, however Marzban is always attending workshops and conferences to keep up with the new technologies and products. He is an expert AVM solutions designer. His designs are innovative

and cost effective, appealing to one and all. He is very well known in the industry for professional and perfect installations. His very talent saw him as the technical head of Martin Audio London (the audio experts) at a very early age. He is a member of the AES and one of the very few Crestron certified installers in the country. He also holds the ISF certification for video calibration and THX certification for home theater installations. Most theaters designed are to THX specifications

Shang Hungyo is from Ukhrul district of Manipur has been working with TSF since 2005. He has a great sense of humor and is the funniest guy in our office. He enjoys his work to the fullest thus making the biggest of the technical tasks seem easy.

Nirav Patel is from Pune and joined TSF right after completing his graduation. He started at a very young age and knew little about home theaters, now after six years of experience with TSF, No technology is new to him. Nirav is also a DJ by passion and an Idol for the others at TSF.


Sangeeta Thakkar is the face of TSF. Every day the office starts with her singing of sweet hymns. She greets everyone who walks in to our showroom with her beautiful smile. She is very good at handling queries and directing clients to what they need.


Prakash Shelar has 25 years of experience in the electrical background. He is just the perfect man for any kind of work. He knows all about technical installations for all sorts of entertainment solutions and is very good at solving all kinds of technical difficulties.


Mahesh Vedpathak is our first employee who joined us in 2003. He has a huge understanding of our workings and is invaluable to us. His work ethic is flawless along with his love for cricket, he works hard and parties harder.

Loknath Saha hails from Kolkata and is an MBA. He brings in his expertise with full enthusiasm to TSF Experience Center. A creative genius with proficiency in technology and awareness of latest trends helps boost the engagement with TSF fans.