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Buying a new portable speaker without listening to its sound it is a fool’s deed. One just can’t judge the sound of a speaker by its specifications alone. Before you invest in a new set of speakers you need to experience it first!

At The Sound Factor, we don’tt just deal in products, we make sure that all our clients walk out with their audiophile needs fulfilled. We have the most thought out environments for your speaker testing pleasures along with a team of experts to best explain and demonstrate the functionalities of the speakers.

Here at TSF you can try from a vast variety of speakers handpicked by us from the world leaders in audio systems, including Bose, Bang & Olufsen, JBL, Monster, Skullcandy and many more. Play your favourite song or your enitre playlist! We want you to take your time to make the best decision with the help of our audio experts.

Visit us for the #TSFexperience along with guaranteed offers and the satisfaction of living up to the sound quality of your dreams.


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