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Modern classic movies to watch on your next movies night-in


Sub: Tired of watching movies from the same genre? Watch these handpicked beautiful
movies ranged over the spectrum of genres. Doesn’t matter if you are of the American
Psycho kind or Pretty woman, these movies will sure give you the good creeps.

Where there are movies which make you cry and turn cold feet with goosebumps, some are of the
kind “ We are what we think.” Such movies shake the ground realities and sweep your mind off all
the things you believe in.

Here is a list of some must watch movies that sure is worth procrastinating all the work you have or
inspiring enough to keep you on your toes.

1. Pursuit of happyness:
A biographical drama featuring Will Smith as a homeless single parent striving to be an
entrepreneur, based on the real life story of Chris Gardner, an author and a philanthropist.
The unusual spelling of happiness in the title is inspired from the mural that Chris (Will Smith)
sees in the movie and complains about it as he wants his kid to learn right things.
This movie creeks with hope, surprise, and happyness. What makes this movie beautiful is it’s
honesty. The harsh truths of life, missed opportunities, battered luck is heart sickening. But
then aren’t we all always in the “pursuit” of happiness; if we “acquire” it is a question we will
leave for the modern philosophers.


2. Gladiator:
This historical drama film won three oscars at the 73rd Academic awards and is sure to make you
squirm at the entertainment value of ancient Greek sports. Even if you cannot visit the exhibition of
Sir Lawrence Tadema at Kensingston, definitely watch this movie and revisit the landscape which
has a stench of ancient Rome and their endeavours.



3. Blue is the warmest colour:
A 2013 French film is the romantic coming of age movie; amidst of all the controversies it is filled
with harsh realities of the queer love, sexuality and adolescence. It is definitely going to be a mind-
blue-ing watch.


4. Perks of being a wallflower:
Our very own Hermione Granger is featured in this book adaptation film directed by the novel’s
author, Stephen Chbosky. One honest film depicting mental illness. Also “ we accept the love we
think we deserve” right?





5. Pulp fiction:
pulp fiction (1)
A 1994 American comedy film, looks more into the ghetto life, inescapability of
crime industry. Look out for the famous dance Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace; could be your next
halloween moves. And Quentin Tarantino film, need I say more?
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