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Music Cast by Yamaha


Now Yamaha makes it easy to bring music to every room in your home wirelessly.

Whether you start with a single speaker or the ultimate home theater, MusicCast
expands to fit your needs, providing wireless multiroom audio playback controlled by a simple app.

Available in a wide range of AV receivers, sound bars and speakers, MusicCast offers more options
and versatility than ever before.


Stirring up your imagination with fresh, new music stimulation.

A completely new story—of you and the music—begins here.
Re: Music
When you come to crucial junctions in your life and anticipate new future directions,

music is always there―softly drawing you close.

Everything takes on a vivid colour, and music engraves the whole experience on your heart.

Music gently speaks, and without a moment’ s pause instantly transforms the atmosphere.

Before words like “network audio” even existed, Yamaha was already at the forefront in wireless music systems.

Now, it’s all reborn with a completely revolutionary new look.




MusicCast uses your existing Wi-Fi network to stream music wirelessly throughout your home.

Play different music in each room, combine rooms or get everyone listening to the same thing.

MusicCast devices support both Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connections, so you can also choose to build an all-wired network if desired.

Access streaming music and Internet radio stations, music files on your mobile devices and computers, Bluetooth® sources and external sources like your TV, Blu-ray Discs, CDs and vinyl records.
Bluetooth Output

MusicCast devices can stream out to a Bluetooth speaker or headphones, making it convenient to expand MusicCast to many existing audio products.
Bluetooth Input

Stream any audio via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet and play it on a single MusicCast device or multiple MusicCast devices in linked playback mode.

MusicCast supports high-resolution audio formats to deliver more accurate reproduction of sonic details, presence and atmosphere.


Solo style
Enjoy wireless streaming of all your music from your Bluetooth® and

AirPlay compatible smart devices.Infinite musical enjoyment.

Wide support of streaming services.

Multi-room Style
Enjoy TV broadcasts, Blu-ray videos, CD music, even vinyl records
in any room of your house.

MusicCast App
Beautiful and Smart Control
Control all your music and devices just as you want simply by

tapping the beautifully designed screen. Use a variety of convenient

features, such as the Link function which lets you play the same

song in separate rooms and the Room Display Customise function.

Enjoy unlimited musical pleasures in the palm of your hand.

A new world of wireless freedom

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