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Importance of Calibrating your Home Theater


Calibration of a display helps in getting a balanced picture which is easy on the eyes, and has the correct brightness, contrast and colour depth.

Calibration not only helps improve picture quality, but also helps increasing the life of the display and reduces the power consumption due to circuits being optimally driven after the calibration process.

Calibration helps you see the picture the way the director intended you to see it and not the way the electronics manufacturer wants you to see it.


Why does one need to calibrate their display?

If you walk into any TV store today , there will be literally hundreds of displays all showing the same image trying to catch your eye. The philosophy of the display manufacturers is very simple. The one that stands out is the one that will sell. How many times does a person walk into a TV store and buy the display that looks the best out of the lot that are displayed on the wall? Therefore most display manufacturers set their displays to the lighting in the store and usually crank up the brightness, contrast and colour controls. This over drives the circuits and produces a picture which is not normal but one that catches the eye immediately (due to what is known as the exit door effect). Looking at this picture all day long is not good for your eyes as well as your sensibilities.


What calibration does is tones down the factory set controls and makes the picture look natural. There are a lot of controls to set some of which cannot be set without the use of meters and signal generators. A calibration will ensure that all those settings are set perfectly and you get a display which renders images the way they were meant to look.

– MarzbanIrani
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